Beard Rules for Guys

Nowadays, guys will do almost anything to turn heads and get noticed from girls instead of taking a manly scent and a caveman club likes before. To get more attention from lovely girls, they always plan to devote their life to some strategies. One of the most important things is getting a well-trimmed beard and facial hair. For most guys, it’s easy, isn’t it? But, for a dating time, a good-shaving beard is your ticket and the kind of sex appeal that can make you stand out. Here are a few rules you must follow to trim a beard with that kind of power.


1. A study that researchers wanted to find out how women perceived different levels of facial hair shows that a well-trimmed beard about 10 days old got the most attractive. That is, growing a beard can help you get noticed. But, that doesn’t mean you should go all Grizzly Adams.
2. For younger, you can have a beard if you are too lazy. If not, shave it.
3. If you don’t satisfy with your beard shaver or it doesn’t work very well for you. You need to spend two days to buy a new razor. If not, shave it.
4. If you really want to pick up hot chicks, you’ve got to make personal grooming a priority. You’ve got to give your beard a little love everyday. Held your beard trimmer and clean any wild hairs. And if you don’t want a shower, remember washing your beard to keep it soft.
5. Trim your beard nicely and neatly but it cannot grow longer than an inch. You need to avoid all creepiness.
6. You cannot continue growing a beard if you can see skin underneath the beard.
7. Choose a best beard trimmer as it’s one of those important tools you can use to turn your facial hair into a chick magnet. To get a intelligent purchase, you should make some research.
8. Never let your beard take over your face. Keeping facial hair off your cheekbones will help give you that clean look women love.

It’s hard having a beard, during the time, you need to bear the itchy as your skin don’t stand for the hot. Of course, people stare it, your friends, co-workers and your family. It needs courage.
You can only have a beard if you get sense from the beard rules we have list. Although we said that a beard will get attention from women, but they only fit for a few people, for most guys, keeping your beard clean and well-trimmed is really working for you.