Essential Tips for Cutting Men’s Hair the Right Way

Cutting hair is an art that requires the incorporation of some basic but important principles. Hair stylists and barbers generally look for quality and speed while cutting men’s hair. Apart from increasing client retention and getting more loyal customers, smart hair cutting skills go a long way in making the task more enjoyable and result oriented.


Read on for some valuable guidelines how to cut men’s hair-the right way! and find types of top rated hair clippers online.

How to cut hair with clippers?

Wet or dry? This is the eternal question that arises in the minds of hair stylists looking towards clipper work. Well, hair cutting with clippers and blending are best performed on dry hair. It is difficult to observe lines in wet hair and also provides a narrower view of how the hair is going to set after the cut. So, razor lines and other hair cut measures should be performed on dry hair.

Cross Checking: how to trim Hair

The hair cut should be proportional and even. This is best achieved by cross checking in between the cuts. Short men’s hair cut requires regular checks for tapering and blending. This can be achieved by taking a few steps backwards and have adequate lighting facilities in place. Remember that shadows and dim light can make the cut go haywire.


If you want to achieve good blending, then you must avoid the lines of demarcation. Clipper work demands. Three basic steps along with each stroke.

1. The clipper should be anchored with the blade’s flat surface touching the head.

2. Next, the clipper should be pivoted at the right angle-so that its heel (back) touches the blade.

3. The clipper should be suspended freehand, so that it moves up and out of the client’s hair easily. This creates a smooth transition and makes your hair-cut look good


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