Recommendations of Beard Trimming

trimming beard

Trimming beard is a necessary in daily grooming for every man, especially for those who have heavy facial hair, and the beard would go mess if we don’t care about. Of course, you can have a clean trimmer or professional beard look at home even you have a large beard. Trimming beard yourself not only saves money, but there are lots of styles you can choose without worrying about your requirements will not represent by incomprehension of barber. To make sure you can get your own beard look and properly and thoroughly trim your beard, you have to understand some basic techniques, three important aspects should be considered below.

Choose the Time

According different people have different beard, most men will trim beard every two to three days. Like me, I have to trim my heavy beard every day to prevent it growing out of control. To save time or hassle of trimming, you also have the ability to make a trim a week or more. The reason why some people don’t choose to make a trim everyday is that overgrooming will bring spotty look so that you need to take extra attention to care for this side.


The appropriate length should be one inch above your face that will give you’re the option to maintain a full face beard. The closer you trim your beard to jawbone, the more likely your beard scarce near the end of your face. Awful status is that you trim your beard low than your face that let your look in scraggly.


Two hair cutting kits you can choose in today’s market to get a symmetrical and nicely beard shaped. One is the old razor, it also comes with some important tools, including shaving brush and shaving soap, soap brings you some lather that lifts and softens the hairs when you shaving. If you’re going to use a razor, purchasing a beard comb with small bristles that let you cut excess long hair easily. The other opt is the popular electric beard trimmer, which consists of a set of rotating blades. Most electric trimmers are powered by a spring motor that allows you to trim your beard at anytime. The main disadvantage of best electric trimmer is that it may not cut the whiskers as closely as manual razor shaving. The first time using an electric trimmer, you have to set the trimmer to the blades to the appropriate trimming setting.


When you find yourself in trouble that you don’t know how much you want to trim off, there is good idea you should take a try. Trimming your whiskers if you first comb your hair in the direction that it grows naturally enables you can see how long your beard really is. In addition, a hand mirror is necessary when you shaving hard-to-reach areas, for instance, your jawbone, the top portion of your neck, which may give you a guide to see the parts of your face. Trimming your beard when it’s wet is discouraged as water naturally weighs down your beard and let’s hair appear longer than it actually is. You may cut more hair than your original hair length.


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