Braun Cruzer 6 Beard Trimmer Review

If you’re in the market to choose a powerful beard trimmer, don’t look further than this Braun CruZer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer. It’s powerful and functionality that give you the best grooming experience. Here is the in-depth review of this beard trimmer, including two parts: features and performance.

The trimmer features sharp blades that provide close and precise trimming, especially in many hard-to-reach areas. Like other beard trimmer, the beard trimmer provides many beard combs that give you the ability to trim with different length settings that allow you to style a personal beard style. It’s a waterproof beard trimmer can be easily used during the bath.
Battery Life –This trimmer comes with a strong battery that enables it to sit in even the most tough of facial beard circumstances. Just one forty-minute charge provides you with as much as 1 hour of non-stop shaving, which makes it perfect for long hair styling periods that a single blade can’t cut it.

Everything is not perfect, every unit has its disadvantages. The difference between more and less. There are many weaknesses that you need to consider before you make a decision.

Even the Braun CruZer 6 is known as one of the best heavy-duty facial hair tools, there are many customers complain that the unit can be used for a long time, they need a new trimmer after a year. The battery is powerful but can run longer.

Not good for hair – The beard trimmer is good for beards but is a bad options to used to cut heard hair. Your hair will be pulled and caught by its comb and blades.
Product Description

The Braun CruZer 6 can be a high-powered deal for beard trimming based on your needs. Having a effective 2-battery mixture, the CruZer 6 Beard & Head will last more than some other trimmers provide a longer battery life. Additionally, it includes flexible trimming hair combs that allow you to trim as much as 12 various millimeter lengths, so that it is quite simple to trim a full beard to tough stubble.

Precision Trimmer
The CruZer 6 Beard is a handy trimmer that features sharp stainless steel blades. The trimmer is specially designed for styling beard, especially for some sensitive areas.

Adjustable Comb and Trimmer

The particular hair combs that include the CruZer 6 Trimmer permit you to select from 12 various size settings, allowing you to style your desired beard styles.

Powerful Battery
The CruZer 6 Beard and Head is run by a duo-battery system that produces cutting the most difficult hair very simple and guarantees a much trim the hardest circumstances.

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What Are the Best Tips for Trimming a Beard?

Lots of men decide to grow beards in a number of lengths and designs. Based on the look preferred, there are a number of suggestions which a man can use to correctly and efficiently trim his beard. Appropriate trimming and working on the beard, nevertheless, could make the change in having facial hair which plays up facial characteristics, instead of hiding them and overtaking the face. Trimming a beard will need the guy to be conscious of his face shape and also to ensure that you follow pre- and post-hair removal treatment.


Before you begin the beard trimming procedure, you will need to have some kind of outline. When the hair is trimmed too up high the neck, and then the hairline is not going to balance the facial characteristics. Hair which is let to grow and fester, on the other hand, find yourself growing into the chest region. It is advisable to make a mistake on the side of extreme caution and begin trimming the hair right higher than the Adam’s apple.

Picking out a beard style which is ideal for the man’s face shape is important. Faces which are usually a little elongated may benefit from the beard which is a bit thicker around the sides with thicker sideburns. Round faces with beard growth which is really a bit longer around the chin area will help improve the face. Trimming a beard to anything a little more natural and much less extreme may benefit individuals with fairly small face shapes.

When the style of the beard is selected, trimming is going to be a simpler procedure. The very best suggestion is to begin by brushing the whiskers using a beard comb, making certain to concentrate on areas with thick growth. Removing excess growth using a pair of scissors can help the beard trimmer cut through the hair less difficult.
Cleansing the face using a mild face wash and being sure that the cleanser doesn’t have granules as well as chemicals which can inflame the skin can help the beard trimming procedure to go easier. This helps to get rid of any deposits from the hair, and also assistance to eliminate the dead skin cells. Having a beard trimmer which has the suitable length guard on it, trim across the grain of your beard. The hairs raised by the beard brush can be simply trim.

In case trimming a beard with no beard trimmer, then making use of beard comb along with a commercial hair trimmer is going to get the job done. Put the beard comb in the hair, and then working with the comb like a guard, trim the hairs which stick out by using the hair trimmer. After trimming your beard, on the other hand, the skin is going to be exposed to germs. Use a protecting emollient on top of the beard and skin like a finishing stage.

5 Beard Growing Tips

Growing a beard is definitely an appearance of independence, however it’s additionally a dedication. Beards do not take proper care themselves anymore compared to your own yard or perhaps your nails. They require several servicing. Using a well-shaved facial beard trimmer is essential for your physical appearance, so now are usually Five facial beard growing suggestions to maintain your facial beard looking great. The design of your own facial beard ought to be like method a person wear your beard. In case you maintain your hair nice, your own beard ought to be neat. For those who have lengthy hair, your facial beard is yet another bit lengthy Therefore if you have chose to sign up for the person membership and provide that razor blade an escape, you may be searching for a couple of Beard Growing Tips to keep that hair.

Beard Growing Tips

1. Why don not you think about improving your facial beard fully? A full beard has become a practical and classic method of men’s self care generations back. It’ll help you stay comfortable throughout wintry weeks and also you don’t need to cut it frequently. You’ll only need a set of scissers to obtain finished it. Simply by simply cutting many times, it, you’ll be able to get a trendy and much more smart face.

2. The following issue guys face when attempting to improve a facial beard quicker is uncommon anticipations. It’s nearly impossible to awaken one morning having a fully-fledged facial hair, however, you can start to find out progress in a couple of times. Whenever tempted to cut everything away, keep in mind that it will require some time and that you’re getting energetic stages in the best downwards path. The majority of guys get out of the actual scratchy, developing within period after a few days, so concentrate on something different and it’ll appear quicker.

3. Beard trimmers more often than not provide an flexible and detachable cutting guide. Simply by modifying the position of the cutting guide, you manage the way carefully it’ll cut your facial beard. Refer to the manual supplied with your clipper for information. Until you have learned using your current trimmer, it’s always best to modify the guideline for an extended facial beard size setting initially.

4. To cut your goatee, 1st hair comb it lower. After that make use of possibly the beard trimmer or scissers. Begin in the center and cut 1st in the direction of either side on the mouth, then on the different. Usually, you shouldn’t cut or trim the top mustache. It always seems recommended that you allow it to grow completely as much as your nose.

5. Shampoo. Plenty of men do not clean their beards — or maybe they are doing, they will use the bar cleaning soap they would make use of their particular underarms. Terrible idea. You are going to dry up your facial beard and also the skin underneath. Rather, hair shampoo no less than several times per week, Poirier states. Make use of a moisturising hair shampoo to avoid your hair through obtaining brittle.

6. The best clean may be worth it’s bodyweight within gold. Particularly the appropriate clean. In the first month, you will need to stick to utilizing a hair comb to maintain your facial beard tidy and groomed however following regarding Thirty days, you certainly have to purchase a great facial hair clean. As well as bear in mind, not every facial hair paint brushes are manufactured an identical. Exactly what you would like is a great boar bristle facial beard clean. It assists distribute the natural oils equally during your beard also it will amazing things to get annoying hair to put the direction they ought to.

How-to Create the Goatee

The Goatee never fails to fascinate men and can be gone back to ancient Greece where the goatish good looks and very popular. Today, there are so many varieties have changed a lot of its original appeal. Johnny Depp, who often pairs his with a mustache. Abraham Lincoln is a huge fan of the Goatee as well, but his comes with a wider form. The Goatee work great for guys with triangular faces or pointy chins. You can trim your whiskers to around 3-5mm to make them easier to style. The below video shows you how to trim a Goatee in few minutes.

How-to Trim the Balbo Beard

If you’re a big fan of Balbo Beard, here is a detailed video to follow to learn how-to grow, shave and maintain a Balbo Beard with an electric shavor and beard trimmer? We will show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

Amazing Beard Styles 2014

I collected these amazing beard styles in 2014.
beard style

beard style1

beard style3

beard style4


beard style6

beard style7

beard style9

beard style10

beard style11

Essential Tips for Cutting Men’s Hair the Right Way

Cutting hair is an art that requires the incorporation of some basic but important principles. Hair stylists and barbers generally look for quality and speed while cutting men’s hair. Apart from increasing client retention and getting more loyal customers, smart hair cutting skills go a long way in making the task more enjoyable and result oriented.


Read on for some valuable guidelines how to cut men’s hair-the right way! and find types of top rated hair clippers online.

How to cut hair with clippers?

Wet or dry? This is the eternal question that arises in the minds of hair stylists looking towards clipper work. Well, hair cutting with clippers and blending are best performed on dry hair. It is difficult to observe lines in wet hair and also provides a narrower view of how the hair is going to set after the cut. So, razor lines and other hair cut measures should be performed on dry hair.

Cross Checking: how to trim Hair

The hair cut should be proportional and even. This is best achieved by cross checking in between the cuts. Short men’s hair cut requires regular checks for tapering and blending. This can be achieved by taking a few steps backwards and have adequate lighting facilities in place. Remember that shadows and dim light can make the cut go haywire.


If you want to achieve good blending, then you must avoid the lines of demarcation. Clipper work demands. Three basic steps along with each stroke.

1. The clipper should be anchored with the blade’s flat surface touching the head.

2. Next, the clipper should be pivoted at the right angle-so that its heel (back) touches the blade.

3. The clipper should be suspended freehand, so that it moves up and out of the client’s hair easily. This creates a smooth transition and makes your hair-cut look good

Top Tips for Cleansing Sensitive Skin

Skin problems can occur in every race and different skin type, treating them and finding learning the best methods to clean and protect is important for people. Astringents, oil free creams, cover ups and scrubs become a common phenomenon for men and women with sensitive and/or acne prone skin. While your female counterparts just suffer from the agonizing symptoms of their sensitive skin, you go through the additional ordeals of shaving. You will furthermore be hit in the irritation with shaving sensitive skin. It leads to irritation, pain and scarring. These problems take place when you pass the razor through acne ridden or sensitive skin. So, what do you do?

Getting a health skin

There’s good treatment available for your sensitive skin and take care of zits and other skin problems on your face.

Reach out for a Sharp Razor

Shaving beard for sensitive skin with dull razors may irritate acne and other skin diseases. Invest in single-use, disposable razors which are sharp and provide a fresh shave on each occasion. For a daily shaving, a easy-to-use beard trimmer is necessary. When you give your beard a makeover, you need to take a look at the blade and lubricate it with shaver oil. There are a few ways to prevent razor burn, don’t give your shaver a closest setting that would be good for clean shaver, but it still causes some skin problems.

Prepare Your Skin

You need to prepare your skin for shaving– before you reach out for your electronic or normal razor. Washing your skin with some formulated products are specially created for your skin as the first step would be better. Work the cleansing gel or lotion into the face for 30 seconds and rinse off with cold water. To protect your skin from some skin problems such as irritation and redness, this step seems be useful and effective. One of trick you can take a try is patting water off your forehead but don’t dry them with a towel.

A good Shaving Cream

As we mentioned, some special shaving creams are required especially for these guys with oily skin, these “moisturzing” shaving creams are not the best option. Simply lather up your face with a mild face wash and use the same as a soothing lubricant– instead of using gels or creams which can irritate your skin further.

Take a shaving

Severe acne breakouts can cause concerning flare-ups. Avoid shaving on days which warrant great caution or can lead to more trouble. The shaving is as easy as you might think, but there are something you need to consider. Althought the study shows the shaving cream is not as effective as what advertiser say, but it can soften the hair, so you can still use these low-cost shaving creams. Apply a layer shaving cream and shaving beard following the hair direction, rinsing the cream and stubble.

Razor Cuts

Nicks and cuts are an unavoidable part of shaving beard for sensitive skin. Many grave damage and guarantee are caused by razor cuts. Treat your injuries instantly by applying a damp cloth on the area. After the bleeding stops, you can use a cotton swab soaked in tea tree oil to provide relief to the affected area.To gentle formulation detoxifies the skin, we strongly recommend the natural oils.

Tea tree oil has long been used to treat your skin, especially for sensitive. Take a cotton swab and use overlapping circles to work these natural healers into your skin.

Beard Rules for Guys

Nowadays, guys will do almost anything to turn heads and get noticed from girls instead of taking a manly scent and a caveman club likes before. To get more attention from lovely girls, they always plan to devote their life to some strategies. One of the most important things is getting a well-trimmed beard and facial hair. For most guys, it’s easy, isn’t it? But, for a dating time, a good-shaving beard is your ticket and the kind of sex appeal that can make you stand out. Here are a few rules you must follow to trim a beard with that kind of power.


1. A study that researchers wanted to find out how women perceived different levels of facial hair shows that a well-trimmed beard about 10 days old got the most attractive. That is, growing a beard can help you get noticed. But, that doesn’t mean you should go all Grizzly Adams.
2. For younger, you can have a beard if you are too lazy. If not, shave it.
3. If you don’t satisfy with your beard shaver or it doesn’t work very well for you. You need to spend two days to buy a new razor. If not, shave it.
4. If you really want to pick up hot chicks, you’ve got to make personal grooming a priority. You’ve got to give your beard a little love everyday. Held your beard trimmer and clean any wild hairs. And if you don’t want a shower, remember washing your beard to keep it soft.
5. Trim your beard nicely and neatly but it cannot grow longer than an inch. You need to avoid all creepiness.
6. You cannot continue growing a beard if you can see skin underneath the beard.
7. Choose a best beard trimmer as it’s one of those important tools you can use to turn your facial hair into a chick magnet. To get a intelligent purchase, you should make some research.
8. Never let your beard take over your face. Keeping facial hair off your cheekbones will help give you that clean look women love.

It’s hard having a beard, during the time, you need to bear the itchy as your skin don’t stand for the hot. Of course, people stare it, your friends, co-workers and your family. It needs courage.
You can only have a beard if you get sense from the beard rules we have list. Although we said that a beard will get attention from women, but they only fit for a few people, for most guys, keeping your beard clean and well-trimmed is really working for you.

Recommendations of Beard Trimming

trimming beard

Trimming beard is a necessary in daily grooming for every man, especially for those who have heavy facial hair, and the beard would go mess if we don’t care about. Of course, you can have a clean trimmer or professional beard look at home even you have a large beard. Trimming beard yourself not only saves money, but there are lots of styles you can choose without worrying about your requirements will not represent by incomprehension of barber. To make sure you can get your own beard look and properly and thoroughly trim your beard, you have to understand some basic techniques, three important aspects should be considered below.

Choose the Time

According different people have different beard, most men will trim beard every two to three days. Like me, I have to trim my heavy beard every day to prevent it growing out of control. To save time or hassle of trimming, you also have the ability to make a trim a week or more. The reason why some people don’t choose to make a trim everyday is that overgrooming will bring spotty look so that you need to take extra attention to care for this side.


The appropriate length should be one inch above your face that will give you’re the option to maintain a full face beard. The closer you trim your beard to jawbone, the more likely your beard scarce near the end of your face. Awful status is that you trim your beard low than your face that let your look in scraggly.


Two hair cutting kits you can choose in today’s market to get a symmetrical and nicely beard shaped. One is the old razor, it also comes with some important tools, including shaving brush and shaving soap, soap brings you some lather that lifts and softens the hairs when you shaving. If you’re going to use a razor, purchasing a beard comb with small bristles that let you cut excess long hair easily. The other opt is the popular electric beard trimmer, which consists of a set of rotating blades. Most electric trimmers are powered by a spring motor that allows you to trim your beard at anytime. The main disadvantage of best electric trimmer is that it may not cut the whiskers as closely as manual razor shaving. The first time using an electric trimmer, you have to set the trimmer to the blades to the appropriate trimming setting.


When you find yourself in trouble that you don’t know how much you want to trim off, there is good idea you should take a try. Trimming your whiskers if you first comb your hair in the direction that it grows naturally enables you can see how long your beard really is. In addition, a hand mirror is necessary when you shaving hard-to-reach areas, for instance, your jawbone, the top portion of your neck, which may give you a guide to see the parts of your face. Trimming your beard when it’s wet is discouraged as water naturally weighs down your beard and let’s hair appear longer than it actually is. You may cut more hair than your original hair length.